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Q: Where is my order? When will I get it?

A: Shipping usually takes 2 - 4 weeks for UK, Canadian and Australian orders, and 2 - 4 weeks for orders from the USA.** Some locations (Latin America, Africa, Middle East) could take longer to deliver. We work with a number of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. This is so we can fulfil The Deal Animal’s mandate of providing the highest quality products for the best prices. As a result we sometimes have long delivery times. However, this is also the reason we are able to offer such amazing pricing on our products. You can track your order with the link we emailed you when we fulfilled your order. Or contact us with your order number below. 

** A special note regarding COVID-19 to our customers: Shipping usually takes 2 - 4 weeks for UK, Canadian and Australian orders, and 2 - 4 weeks for orders from the USA. However, as stated on the top of our product pages, COVID-19 is causing delays for some orders. This appears to be particularly affecting our American customers. From the end of March to June we've watched delivery periods swell to the point where many orders are taking up to 12 weeks to arrive. We ceased all marketing outside of the UK, where packages were still arriving in the normal amount of time, until we started to see signs of improvement in late June. Delays between packages flying out and being received by USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, and An Post are commonly over 40 days for orders placed between late March and late May. This is regrettable, but outside of our control. After serious deliberation we started serving markets outside of the UK again on June 26th 2020. We increased the visibility of our warning about Covid-related delays, which had been there from the start, on the top of our product pages. We did this to make sure that these outside markets are aware that they should expect lengthy delays and that we will no longer issue refunds over long delivery times, which our customers were duly warned of at the point of purchase. 

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